Pharmacologic treatments for covid-19 patients



Protocol amendment:

As of December 14, 2022, the COVID-NMA revised its protocol and stopped including pharmacological interventions trials. The analysis presented in this page includes trials identified and included up to December 14, 2022. Ofnote, different last search date are considered by category. We provide the updated results up to last search defined next to each comparison including all identified reports through our search strategy up to this date.


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Summary of Main Results

Summary of the evidence for pharmacological treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients identified up to October 17, 2022 is available below.

Summary of Main Results

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Comparisons evaluating antivirals and immunomodulators with last search date December 14, 2022.

Comparisons with last search date 28 February 2022 or as stated next to each comparison.

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General characteristics of primary studies

Trial Funding Comparisons Design Participants Sample size Overall risk
of bias
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Treatment 1 Treatment 2
Cadegiani F, medRxiv, 2021
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RCT Patients with confirmed COVID-19 (mild-severe) admitted to 8 centers in Brazil. N=645

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