Authors who provided aggregated data

We contact authors of published studies to request for additional information, when needed, in order to accurately include their study in our evidence synthesis. Authors who have provided aggregated data of their studies are listed below.

Caleb P. Skipper - "Hydroxychloroquine in Nonhospitalized Adults With Early COVID-19" - NCT04308668

Chen Jun - "Preliminary study of hydroxychloroquine sulfate in treating common coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients in 2019" - NCT04261517

Corral L - "USE OF CORTICOSTEROIDS IN PATIENTS WITH SARS-COV2 CORONAVIRUS INFECTION (GLUCOCOVID). Pragmatic trial inserted in real practice during a pandemic COVID-19" - EudraCT2020-001934-37

Fang Zheng - "A Novel Protein Drug, Novaferon, as the Potential Antiviral Drug for COVID-19" - ChiCTR2000029496

George Sakoulas - "Study of Standard of Care Plus Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Compared to Standard of Care Alone in the Treatment of COVID-19 Infection" - NCT04411667

Ivan Fan-Ngai Hung - "Triple combination of interferon beta-1b, lopinavir?ritonavir, and ribavirin in the treatment of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19: an open-label, randomised, phase 2 trial" - NCT04276688

Ling Li - "Convalescent plasma for the treatment of severe and critical novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19): a prospective randomized controlled trial" - ChiCTR2000029757

Maria Isabel F Lopes - "Beneficial effects of colchicine for moderate to severe COVID-19: an interim analysis of a randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial" - RBR-8jyhxh

Shu-Hsing Cheng - "Efficacy and Tolerability of Hydroxychloroquine in Adult Patients With COVID-19" - NCT04384380

Sultan Mehmood Kamran - "Clearing the Fog: Is Hydroxychloroquine Effective in Reducing COVID-19 Progression (COVID-19)" - NCT04491994

Wei Tang - "Hydroxychloroquine in patients with mainly mild to moderate coronavirus disease 2019: open label, randomised controlled trial" - ChiCTR2000029868

Yang Cao - "Ruxolitinib in treatment of severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): A multicenter, single-blind, randomized controlled trial" - ChiCTR-OPN-2000029580

Yao-Kai Chen - "Comparative effectiveness and safety of ribavirin plus interferon-alpha, lopinavir/ritonavir plus interferon-alpha and ribavirin plus lopinavir/ritonavir plus interferon-alphain in patients with mild to moderate novel coronavirus pneumonia" - ChiCTR

Yeming Wang - "Remdesivir in adults with severe COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial" - NCT04257656

Yueping Li - "Efficacy and safety of lopinavir/ritonavir or arbidol in adult patients with mild/moderate COVID-19: an exploratory randomized controlled trial" - NCT04252885

Yueping Li - "The Efficacy of Lopinavir Plus Ritonavir and Arbidol Against Novel Coronavirus Infection (ELACOI)" - NCT04252885