Living mapping and living systematic review of Covid-19 studies

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On June 2 we have screened 982 records and we have identified two new RCTs evaluating the efficacy and safety of interferon beta-1a and ruxolitinib .

The research mapping has been updated with 66 new registered RCTs identified in the WHO ICTRP on May 27, 2020.

Forest plots for the different treatment comparisons have been generated. The Evidence profile and Summary of Findings (SoF) table for most of the comparisons are also available online and the missing ones are currently being designed.

A living mapping of studies registered is now available: it is now possible to filter studies by type of pharmacological treatment, registration date, study aim, severity scale. An interactive map showing the clinical trials per country is also available. This data visualization was developed by a team from the LIRIS laboratory (CNRS/École Centrale de Lyon) in the context of a large collaboration with the CNRS. Several other teams from CNRS have offered their help for this project to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. As a result, more graphs and tables are currently being developed and will be soon available on our website.

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Our main activities

We are performing a living mapping of ongoing research followed by a living network meta-analysis of study results as soon as they are available.

Our process is summarized in this figure. For more information on our methods see our protocol here.

This study receives some funding from a grant from the ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche).

We encourage all investigators of Randomized Controlled Trials to contact us as soon as they have results available.