Observational studies

Social distancing

Below, we list all observational studies identified

Title Study reference Full text
The Immediate Effect of COVID-19 Policies on Social Distancing Behavior in the United States Abouk R, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Shut it down: a cross country panel analysis on the efficacy of lockdown measures Alfano V, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Estimating the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on documented infections with COVID-19: A cross-country analysis Banholzer N, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Proactive social distancing mitigates COVID-19 outbreaks within a month across 58 mainland China cities Du Z, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Mandatory social distancing associated with increased doubling time: an example using hyperlocal data Ebell M, medRxiv,2020 Full text
The positive impact of lockdown in Wuhan on containing the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Lau H, J Travel Med, 2020 Full text
COVID-19 related social distancing measures and reduction in city mobility Malik AA, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
COVID-19: One-month impact of the French lockdown on the epidemic burden Roux J, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Social distancing to slow the U.S. COVID-19 epidemic: an interrupted time-series analysis Siedner MJ, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Estimating the effect of physical distancing on the COVID-19 pandemic using an urban mobility index Soucy J-P R, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
A Retrospective Analysis of Clinical Recovery-Period of the First 1000 COVID-19 Patients in Singapore for Estimating Recovery Rate Sreevalsan-Nair J, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Early evaluation of the Wuhan City travel restrictions in response to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak Tian H, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Reporting the life tracks of confirmed cases can effective prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak in China Zhang J, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
The differential impact of physical distancing strategies on social contacts relevant for the spread of COVID-19 Del Fava E, medRxiv, 2020 Full text
Use of face coverings by the public during the COVID-19 pandemic: an observational study Arp NL, medRxiv, 2026 Full text
Associations between wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing practices, and risk of COVID-19 infection in public: a cohort-based case-control study in Thailand Doung-ngern P, medRxiv, 2028 Full text
Effects of policies and containment measures on control of COVID-19 epidemic in Chongqing. World journal of clinical cases Full text
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outcomes in French Nursing Homes That Implemented Staff Confinement With Residents. Belmin J, JAMA, 2020 Full text
Covid-19 mortality is negatively associated with test number and government effectiveness. Liang LL, Scientific reports, 2020 Full text

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