Trial NCT05293548
Publication Al Kaabi N, Signal Transduct Ther, 2023
Primary outcome on the report: The immunogenicity and safety of the booster vaccination of NVSI-06-09 against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, in comparison with the boost of BBIBP-CorV, on day 14 after the vaccination. The immunogenicity was evaluated by the geometric mean titers (GMTs) of anti-Omicron neutralizing antibodies (nAbs), and the four-fold rise rate of the neutralizing GMTs from baseline. Anti-Omicron nAb titers were measured by live-virus microneutralization assays. The safety was assessed by occurrence and severity of adverse reactions.

Note: The risk of bias by domain corresponds to the highest risk of bias among outcomes by domain.
The overall risk of bias corresponds to the overall highest risk of bias assessed among outcomes.