Weekly Update
other interventions

19 RCT evaluating psychological disorder and long COVID treatments included and pending extraction:

Abdelalim A, Am J Otolaryngol, 2021 Corticosteroid nasal spray for recovery of smell sensation in COVID-19 patients: A randomized controlled trial
Abdelmaksoud AA, Biol Trace Elem Res, 2021 Olfactory Disturbances as Presenting Manifestation Among Egyptian Patients with COVID-19: Possible Role of Zinc
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Barros CMSS, Front Med, 2021 Short-Course of Methylprednisolone Improves Respiratory Functional Parameters After 120 Days in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (Metcovid Trial): A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Barros CMSS, Front Med, 2021 Short-Course of Methylprednisolone Improves Respiratory Functional Parameters After 120 Days in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (Metcovid Trial): A Randomized Clinical Trial.
D'Ascanio L, Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci, 2021 Randomized clinical trial "olfactory dysfunction after COVID-19: olfactory rehabilitation therapy vs. intervention treatment with Palmitoylethanolamide and Luteolin": preliminary results.
Fan Y, J Affect Disord, 2021 The effects of narrative exposure therapy on COVID-19 patients with post-traumatic stress symptoms: A randomized controlled trial.
Kong X, Front Psychiatry, 2020 Effect of Psychological-Behavioral Intervention on the Depression and Anxiety of COVID-19 Patients
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Liu Y, Psychol Health Med, 2021 Effects of group psychological intervention combined with pulmonary rehabilitation exercises on anxiety and sleep disorders in patients with mild coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infections in a Fangcang hospital.
Nambi G, ResearchSquare, 2020 Low or Moderate Intensity Aerobic Training: Its Role in Clinical and Psychological Aspects of Community Dwelling COVID-19 Asymptomatic Older Adults With Sarcopenia Symptoms
Ramacciotti E, Lancet, 2021 Rivaroxaban versus no anticoagulation for post-discharge thromboprophylaxis after hospitalisation for COVID-19 (MICHELLE): an open-label, multicentre, randomised, controlled trial.
Rashid RA, Am J Otolaryngol, 2021 Effect of nasal corticosteroid in the treatment of anosmia due to COVID-19: A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study.
Shaygan M, ResearchSquare, 2020 The effect of online multimedia psychoeducational interventions on the resilience and perceived stress of hospitalized patients with COVID-19: a pilot cluster randomized parallel-controlled trial
Sotoudeh H.G, Iran J Psychiatry, 2020 The Effect of Brief Crisis Intervention Package on Improving Quality of Life and Mental Health in Patients with COVID-19.
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Wu X, Neuropsychiatry, 2020 Application of Psychological Support Therapy in the Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 Complicated With Emotional Disorders: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Zhao Z, Research Square, 2020 A Randomized Controlled Study of Muscle Training Exercise Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Activity of Daily Living in Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019

26 RCT evaluating other interventions:

Algahtani FD, Medicina, 2021 The Prospect of Lactoferrin Use as Adjunctive Agent in Management of SARS-CoV-2 Patients: A Randomized Pilot Study.
Beigmohammadi MT, Trials, 2021 The effect of supplementation with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E on disease severity and inflammatory responses in patients with COVID-19: a randomized clinical trial.
Caballero-Garcia A, Medicina, 2021 Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Muscle Status in Old Patients Recovering from COVID-19 Infection.
Davoodi L, Int J Cardiol Heart Vasc, 2021 Atorvastatin therapy in COVID-19 adult inpatients: A double-blind, randomized controlled trial.
Fiorentino G, EClinicalMedicine, 2021 Effects of adding L-arginine orally to standard therapy in patients with COVID-19: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial. Results of the first interim analysis
Ganesan G, Radiother Oncol, 2021 Whole lung Irradiation as a Novel treatment for COVID-19: Final Results of the Prospective Randomized trial (WINCOVID trial).
Gonzalez-Gerez JJ, Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2021 Short-Term Effects of a Respiratory Telerehabilitation Program in Confined COVID-19 Patients in the Acute Phase: A Pilot Study.
Gutierrez-Castrellon P, medrxiv, 2021 Efficacy and safety of novel probiotic formulation in adult Covid19 outpatients: a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Kang k, ResearchSquare, 2021 Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy with oXiris Filter May Not Be an Effective Resolution to Alleviate Cytokine Release Syndrome in non-AKI Patients with Severe and Critical COVID-19
Kasiri H, Int Immunopharmacol, 2021 Mometasone furoate nasal spray in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 olfactory dysfunction: A randomized, double blind clinical trial.
Leal F, SSRN, 2021 Effect of a Nutritional Support System to Increase Survival and Reduce Mortality in Patients with COVID-19 in Stage III and Comorbidities: A Blinded Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.
Maghbooli Z, Endocr Pract, 2021 Treatment with 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (calcifediol) is associated with a reduction in the blood neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio marker of disease severity in patients hospitalized with COVID-19: a pilot, multicenter, randomized, placebo-contro
Mohamed AA, J Bodyw Mov Ther, 2021 The effect of aerobic exercise on immune biomarkers and symptoms severity and progression in patients with COVID-19: A randomized control trial.
Mollerup A, BMJ, 2021 Effect of PEP flute self-care versus usual care in early covid-19: non-drug, open label, randomised controlled trial in a Danish community setting.
Murai IH, Clinics (Sao Paulo), 2021 Effect of a Single High-Dose Vitamin D3 on the Length of Hospital Stay of Severely 25-Hydroxyvitamin D-Deficient Patients with COVID-19.
Nambi G, Clin Rehabil, 2021 Comparative effectiveness study of low versus high-intensity aerobic training with resistance training in community-dwelling older men with post-COVID 19 sarcopenia: A randomized controlled trial.
Reis G, Lancet Glob. Health, 2021 Effect of early treatment with metformin on risk of emergency care and hospitalization among patients with COVID-19: The TOGETHER randomized platform clinical trial.
Rodriguez-Blanco C, Clinical Rehabilitation, 2021 Breathing exercises versus strength exercises through telerehabilitation in coronavirus disease 2019 patients in the acute phase: A randomized controlled trial
Rodriguez-Blanco C, Medicina (Kaunas), 2021 Short-Term Effects of a Conditioning Telerehabilitation Program in Confined Patients Affected by COVID-19 in the Acute Phase. A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial.
Sehgal I, ERJ Open Res, 2021 A randomised trial of Mycobacterium w in critically ill patients with COVID-19 (ARMY-1)
Soliman AR, Proc. Singapore Healthcare, 2021 Impact of Vitamin D Therapy on the Progress COVID-19: six Weeks Follow-Up Study of Vitamin D Deficient Elderly Diabetes Patients
Stasko N, medRxiv, 2021 A randomized, controlled, feasibility study of RD-X19 in patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in the outpatient setting
Stockmann H, SSRN, 2021 Cytosorb? Rescue for COVID-19 Patients with Vasoplegic Shock (CytoResc): A Prospective, Open-Label, Randomised Controlled Pilot Study
Supady A, Lancet Respir Med, 2021 May Cytokine adsorption in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (CYCOV): a single centre, open-label, randomised, controlled trial.
Tehrani S, Urol J, 2021 An investigation into the Effects of Intravenous Vitamin C on Pulmonary CT Findings and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with COVID 19 Pneumonia A Randomized Clinical Trial.

2 RCT evaluating other non COVID-19 vaccines:

Lazarus R, Lancet, 2021 Safety and immunogenicity of concomitant administration of COVID-19 vaccines (ChAdOx1 or BNT162b2) with seasonal influenza vaccines in adults in the UK (ComFluCOV): a multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 4 trial
Ramos-Martinez E, Cells, 2021 Effect of BCG Revaccination on Occupationally Exposed Medical Personnel Vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.