Trial CTRI/2020/05/024959
Publication Kumar S, Exp Opin Biol Ther, 2021
Primary outcome on the report: 1. Reduction in mortality one month after randomization
2. Reduction in the proportion of patients with deteriorating lung functions, as measured by:
a. Stable SpO2 without increasing FiO2
b. Stable PaO2 without increasing FiO2
3. Reduction in proportion of patients who needed non-invasive ventilation, invasive mechanical ventilation/endotracheal intubation, and high flow nasal oxygen
4. Reduction in inflammatory markers: Ferritin, D-dimer, LDH, CRP.

Note: The risk of bias by domain corresponds to the highest risk of bias among outcomes by domain.
The overall risk of bias corresponds to the overall highest risk of bias assessed among outcomes.