Bamlanivimab vs Placebo (RCT)

Hospitalized patients

FOREST PLOTS -2022-10-07

Studies description

Trial NCT04411628
Publication J2W-MC-PYAA - Chen P, Clin Pharmacol Ther (2021) (published paper)
Dates: 2020-05-29 to 2020-06-28
Funding: Private (Eli Lilly and Company)
Conflict of interest: Yes

Trial NCT04501978
Publication ACTIV-3/TICO - Lundgren J, J Ann Intern Med (2021) (published paper)
Dates: 2020-08-05 to 2020-10-13
Funding: Mixed (U.S. Operation Warp Speed; National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases; Leidos Biomedical Research; National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute; Research Triangle Institute; U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs; Denmark, Aus)
Conflict of interest: Yes